Public Art

Mill Valley Arts Commission's Art In Public Places program is designed to bring the power and delight of art into our everyday experiences of our natural environment through the transformation of ordinary objects - the utility box, the park bench, the mailbox, the ping pong table, etc.


Article on Mill Valley's new Public Art Program  - PDF version

The program initially proposes to incorporate five elements and transform these objects into an experience of art and the natural environment, which will delight, fascinate and encourage community bonding and social engagement.The Arts Commission’s ongoing goal is to provide encouragement of exceptional arts activities, events and programs that allow the arts and arts-related cultural environment to be enjoyed by all citizens of Mill Valley; one way to achieve this goal is by creating a public arts program including the temporary and permanent installation of art works on public and private property.  Creation of a Public Art Program (PAP) has been identified as a strongly held desire by community members and the local arts community. 


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