Art Boxes


The Mill Valley Arts Commission’s Art in Public Places program is designed to bring the power and delight of art into our everyday experiences of our natural environment through the transformation of ordinary objects – the utility box, the park bench, the mailbox, the ping pong table, etc.

This Public Art Program, Art in Public Places, includes five program elements; one of which is Art Box; the aim of this project is to highlight local artists within our community and, in doing so, brighten up the streets, beautifying ugly utility boxes and deterring vandalism.

Click on the Art Box points on the map above for an artwork preview, location information and the name of the artist! Also, CLICK HERE for a downloadable PDF with Art Box map and information!

Artist Information:

Box #1 - Located at East Blithedale & Kipling Drive
The Artist - Susie Ames is an avid traveler and has always loved art and styles from other cultures and countries. The outdoors is also a big draw for her and she loves mountain biking and hiking on and around Mt. Tam and couldn’t imagine a more perfect place to live

The Artwork - The bright, vibrant patterns and colors of Mexican art, folk art and tiles inspire my love of color, pattern and style.

Box #2 - Located at East Blithedale & Lomita Drive
The Artist - Genevieve Elkin was born and raised in Mill Valley. Her passion for painting and drawing began in Mrs. Klein's art class at Tam High. She later studied Illustration and Animation at Parson's School of Design in New York City. She is currently the Production Manager of the Art Department at Lucas Film in the Presidio.

The Artwork - Described as the Path to the Sleeping Lady, is a digital painting based on a photograph Genevieve took while walking the bike path. Stunned by the beauty of the light hitting the marsh and eucalyptus with Mt. Tam's majestic golden glow in the distance she knew that it would make a beautiful painting.

Box #3 - Located at East Blithedale & Camino Alto
The Artwork Goal - Created through a collaboration between the Mill Valley Arts Commission & Mill Valley Recreation, this piece is intended to encourage with simple words that are more complicated in deed: Listen, reflect, and support to create diversity, equity and inclusion.

For more information about Mill Valley's Commitment to Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, please visit our website.


Box #4 - Located on Camino Alto near Sycamore Avenue
The Artist - Kathleen Edwards is a San Anselmo fine artist and illustrator working in paint, ink, mixed media, and handmade books. Making murals is her latest venture, including collaborating on the "You are Home" mural at Canal Alliance in San Rafael and team teaching mural making at Marin Oaks High School in Novato.

The Artwork - "Crows" We share our neighborhoods with local crows. Mill Valley is human created, nestled in a natural environment; like us, crows are at home in both. Intelligent and social birds, they are known to work together, solve problems, and communicate among themselves. They are the perfect representatives of the positive aspects of community.

Box #5 - Located on Camino Alto in front of the Redwoods
The Artist - Kim Chu is someone who exhibits all things creative, and all forms of thoughtful art. She began to love art and creating at a young age and she continues because, in her words, it gives a true sense of freedom to all. “Art and design are all-encompassing, all inviting and all including. We can all create art and it is all equal.” She lives and works in northern California. Kim recently completed designing graphics for a starting non-profit in Canada and she is illustrating a children's book that is scheduled to be released in November 2019.

The Artwork - When a community is in balance everything blooms. This piece of art is designed to
balance itself, to stand out, yet to also blend in to its environment. The large magnolia blossoms that can easily be found here in the environment represent the wonderful individuals, each beautiful in their own way while being connected and supported through the delicate branches that interweave through the image. The whole image was created to represent the balance and continual spirit of Mill Valley.

Box #6 - Located at Camino Alto & Miller Avenue
The Artist - Spence Snyder is a Marin native who grew up in Novato and now lives and works in Mill Valley. As a freelance illustrator and designer he has worked with clients such as Yahoo!, Intuit and EA Games. You can see more of his work at and view his fine art at or follow him on Instagram at ArtOfSpence.

The Artwork - "Summer Fog" was inspired by an "en plein air" oil painting he created from a view just a short distance from his home. "It was a warm sunny day in Mill Valley and the sun shone brightly on the water by the foot bridge below while the fog started to roll in. This made for a dramatic scene and an iconic view of my hometown."

Box #7 - Located on East Blithedale in front of Park School

The Artist - Susie Ames - see info under Box #1

The Artwork - Painting and drawing fish and birds in particular are Susie's favorites as they are naturally bright and beautiful.

Box #8 - Located near East Blithedale & East Drive @ the Boyle Park Tennis Courts
The Artist - Rachel Visalda is a multi-disciplinary artist making work rooted in storytelling and sharing experiences. Born in the Philippines and raised in the Bay Area, she earned degrees in Art, Film & Media from UCSB. Projects span from immersive art and mixed media installations to videos and large-scale paintings. Her work has been featured in various exhibitions and venues, including Segerstrom Center for the Arts, Betti Ono Gallery, and RUSH Philanthropic Arts Foundation, among others. She has produced videos and content for UFC, NFL, 102.9 KBLX, 95.7 The Game, 96.5 KOIT and more.

The Artwork - "Grow Through It" features a heart growing tall among plants and leaves, portraying roots sown through breaking through the darkness and soil. The mural was inspired by the green parks and nature in Mill Valley and the connection to earth people feel here.