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PerfectMind Account Creation - Written Instructions

For those of you who prefer to read instructions on how to create your new user account in PerfectMind, we have detailed the step-by-step instructions below with reference images.

Step 1

Click on the "Create My Account" button above to begin the new account creation process. This link will bring you the landing page for our new registration system.  To create a new account, start by clicking the "Create an Account" link at the bottom as shown in the image above. 

Step 2

Once you click on the "Create an Account" link, a form will pop up asking you to fill out information about yourself.  Please fill in each field. Once completed, click on the "Create NOW!" button.  
Note: when filling in your street address, use an abbreviation for the type of address it is, without using a period (i.e. Rd St Ave Ln Blvd, etc.)
Note: when entering your email address, be sure to use an email that you have regular access to, as you will need it during the account setup process, and later on during any registration activity.

Step 3

After you click the "Create NOW!" button, you will be taken to your account page. Here you can see all the info that you have entered for your account. You will also notice a text box pop up in the lower right corner (see above image) indicating that your account has been created and that a temporary password has been sent to your email.

Step 4

Now that your account has been created, please open the email inbox that you indicated in your customer information and find the email from us with your login information.  This email will contain your user name and a temporary password that you will use to login to your account.  Simply click on the "Visit us now at:" link to be taken back to your account page.

Step 5

When you get back to your account page, you'll want to set a new password for yourself so that you'll be able to remember it easily.  Please click the "Manage Login" button at the top (as shown in the image above).  Once click, a window will pop up allowing you to set your new password.  Enter the password you received in your welcome email in the "Current Password" box.  Then, enter your new password (at least 6 characters) in the "New Password" and "Confirm Password" boxes.  Click "Save" when completed. 
Note: Keep track of your new password and make sure it's something that you can remember, but something that someone can't easily guess.

Step 6

Now that your new password has been setup, you'll need to read and sign your waiver.  Click on the "Waiver" button at the top (as shown in the image above) to access the waiver.

Step 7

Please read through the entire waiver as it has changed.  We have added additional information about fees, policies and more.

Step 8

Once you have read the entire waiver, click on the "Click to Sign" box.  This will bring up a digital signature window where you can digitally sign and acknowledge that you read the waiver.  You will be using a mouse, or a touch pad to do this, so don't worry, it doesn't have to be perfect.  Once your signature is complete, click "Done". 
Note: A signed waiver is a requirement to register for programs.  If you have not signed your waiver, you will not be eligible to register for programs until you do so.

Step 9

Now that you've signed your waiver, scroll back to the top and click on the "Submit" button (as shown in the image above) in order to save and submit the waiver document.  You can also print this waiver for your records by using the "Print" button.

Step 10

You have now completed the setup of your account.  You can now add any additional family members that you'd would like to include in your account.  To do so, simply click the "Add Family Member" button (as shown in the image above).  Once clicked, a window will pop up for you to fill out the additional family member's information.  Some of the information will auto-populate from your own account information, so be sure to read through and enter/change information as needed.  Click the "Submit" button when complete.

Step 11

Once you have added your family member, you can refresh your page.  Once refreshed, you will see a "Back to Client List" button in the upper left (as shown in the image above).  Click this button to see the full list of family members in your account.  You can always add more family members at any time by repeating the process detailed above.
Note: All family members are required to have a signed waiver to be eligible to register for programs.  Adults may complete and sign waivers for children, but any family member over the age of 18 must read and sign their own waiver.

As always, we are here for your if you have any questions or need assistance setting up your account.

You can call us at (415) 383-1370 or email us at

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