Aquatics & Fitness Center

Private Pool Rental



Private pool parties are possible on Friday, Saturday or Sunday evenings. Pool rental includes use of the Cove Room,  patio area, pool and Jacuzzi.

Pool Rental Use Agreement 

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 Pool  $150/hr
 $175/hr  $175/hr  $200/hr
 Deposit  $500  $500  $500  $500
 Lifeguards  $20/hr each
 $20/hr each
 $20/hr each
 $20/hr each
 Facility Attendant
 $15/hr each
 $15/hr each
 $15/hr each
 $15/hr each

Attention Renters

For the health and safety of all of our guests, we ask that the following policies are followed when renting the Mill Valley Aquatics Center.


Food is NOT allowed on the Pool Deck or Locker Rooms at anytime. Food is only allowed in the Lobby, Cove room or outside Pool Terrace.


All beverages must be served in non-breakable containers. Beverages are allowed in the Cove Room, Outside Terrace, and on the pool deck. Beverages are not permitted in the locker rooms at any time.


Alcohol must be dispensed in non-breakable containers. It is the responsibility of the renter to ensure that alcohol is consumed in a responsible manner and restricted to individuals 21years and older. Failure to monitor this will result in the involvement of the Mill Valley Police Department and/or the early closure of the event.

Serving Containers

All serving bowls, trays, platters, etc must be of the non-breakable type. Glass, ceramic or any other serving containers that may break or shatter are NOT allowed in the Aquatic/Fitness Complex.