Can the Residential Building Report postpone the close of escrow?

The City does not have the authority to hold up the sale of a property. However, if the property is sold, any required outstanding actions permits required will be the legal responsibility of the new owner.

The property owner will have the ability to pull emergency permits to address safety concerns, identified by the building inspector. Permits will not be granted until the unpermitted work is addressed.

Please see sections 20.70.070 and 20.70.040 of the Mill Valley Muni Code:

  • 20.70.40: The report of residential building records shall be delivered by the owner or the authorized agent of the owner to the buyer or transferee of the residential building prior to the consummation of the sale or exchange. (Ordinance 789 § 1, March 5, 1973)
  • 20.70.070: Except as provided herein, it is unlawful for the owner of a residential building in the City of Mill Valley to sell or exchange the same without first having obtained and delivered to the buyer a report of residential building record. (Ordinance 789 § 1, March 5, 1973; Ordinance 1261 § 8, November 4, 2013)

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