How long will it take before I can get my permit?

A number of variables play into this. Often, it depends on what the scope of your project is, and the number of departments and agencies involved in the approval process. Structural complexity, unusual design, and unorthodox construction methodology are among the many other issues that can impact the approval process. Due to the aforementioned variables, it is extremely difficult to provide an accurate timetable of the approval process. To avoid potential delays, contact us while the project is still in a conceptual phase. An open line of communication is often the most valuable tool in the approval process. Often we can provide information that may save a great deal of trial and error (and consequently, time) in the process. Working with designers who are familiar with the approval process in Mill Valley is often advantageous.

Nearly everyone wants to know "how long until my permit is ready to issue?" We understand how important your project is to you; it is not unreasonable to expect some kind of timeframe. On medium, to large projects, the standard processing time is four to six weeks, with the understanding that it will be approved as quickly as reasonably possible. However, a great deal of the responsibility for an expeditious approval is dependent on the initial level of relevant detail provided by the applicant. When plan check comments are generated, a timely and clear, complete response is the most efficient practice to keep the process moving. It may also be advantageous, if getting the project started is a priority, to wait until the permit is issued before submitting revisions. Revisions, except of a minor nature, must be processed in the same manner as a new submittal and considered on the basis of how they impact the entire project.

It is also important to note that Building is only one of the departments and/or agencies that may be involved in the approval process. One of the reasons why we state a long time frame is that approval by other departments or agencies may take much longer than the actual Building approval. Generally, the more approvals required, the longer it might take before your permit is ready to issue.

As with the building inspection process, there are time limits in the plan review process. If comments are not responded to within 180 days, or there is otherwise no activity on the applicant's part of the process, the permit application will expire and may have to be completely resubmitted. An extension may be granted for an additional 180 days if circumstances occur that would preclude the applicant from completing the process in a timely manner. The request for an extension must be in writing, prior to expiration, and signed by the applicant. It must be addressed to the Building Official and the reason for the request must be stated.

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