Zip Books

The Public Library Just Showed Up on Your Doorstep!

Is there a book you are looking for, but it is not in the Library catalog? Now you can request it and get it delivered directly to your residence in just a few days. Through a Zip Books Grant from the California State Library, we can use Amazon to fulfill your requests. When you're done with your Zip Books, return them toCalifornia State Library logo our Library so we can add them to our shelves for others to enjoy.

Not only do you get first crack at a shiny new book, but you directly contribute to a collection that responds to and reflects the interests of your community. Have your voice heard and help out at the same time.

This project was supported in whole or in part by funding provided by the State of California, administered by the California State Library.

See what other library patrons have added to our collection as Zip Books:

Please help us make the most of our Zip Books Grant by reading the following before filling out the request form:

  • Please limit your requests to items currently not owned by the Mill Valley Library. Zip Books will not be used to buy books that have a queue in the MARINet consortium.
  • You may request print books including large type format and books on CD. Music CDs and DVDs are not allowed through Zip Books. You can request CDs and DVDs here.
  • You can request up to five Zip Books at a time. Once materials are returned to the Library, you can make additional requests.
  • Patrons need to have a library card in good standing. Get a library card here or contact us if you need help restoring your account to good order.
  • Please return Zip Books directly to the Mill Valley Library or to one of our four book drops (at the Library, at the traffic circle by the Library, on Flamingo Road, or at the Community Center). Returning books elsewhere makes them more likely to get lost, which will affect your ability to make additional requests.
  • When returning Zip Books, please make sure to attach the Amazon gift receipt to the cover or place it securely in the book, so staff can identify the item as a Zip Book.
  • Library staff evaluate all Zip Book requests before they are approved. Materials considered to have an extremely limited readership, or that are poorly reviewed or written, may be denied, or considered better candidates for traditional interlibrary loan.