Aquatics & Fitness Center Passes

Person holding the Mill Valley Recreation Aquatics & Fitness Center pass2022 Aquatics & Fitness Center Passes

Get Healthy and Stay Healthy with your Aquatics & Fitness Pass from Mill Valley Recreation. With your pass, you're able to enjoy unlimited access to our gym, pool and *group fitness classes!

PLEASE NOTE: ALL individuals using the Aquatics & Fitness Center facilities (pool, gym, group exercise classes), MUST have an account in our registration system, a signed waiver, and pass before access will be allowed. Please make sure you have all necessary friends or family member accounts created PRIOR to your visit.

Pass Options

January - June Semi-Annual Pass (expire on 6/30/22)

Semi-Annual Passes purchase price will be prorated if purchased after Jan. 2nd, 2022.

Age Group
Mill Valley Resident
Greater Mill Valley & Beyond
Youth (2-17)
$168 ($28/month)
$222 ($37/month)
Additional Youth
$138 ($23/month)
$174 ($29/month)
Adults (18-59)
$306 ($51/month)
$366 ($61/month)
Additional Adult
$246 ($41/month)
$288 ($48/month)
Seniors (60+)
$228 ($38/month)
$294 ($49/month)
Additional Senior
$180 ($30/month)
$234 ($39/month)
Family Pass (includes two adults and unlimited children under 18 years old in the same household)
$522 ($87/month)
$690 ($115/month)

20-Visit Pass (expire on 6/30/22)

Age Group
Mill Valley Resident
Greater Mill Valley & Beyond
Youth (2-17)
$115 ($5.75/visit)
$140 ($7/visit)
Adults (18-59)
$165 ($8.25/visit)
$180 ($9/visit)
Seniors (60+)
$135 ($6.75/visit)
$155 ($7.75/visit)

Single-Visit Pass (Available beginning 3/1/22)

Age Group
Single-Visit Pass Fee
Youth (2-17)
Adults (18-59)
Seniors (60+)

How to Purchase Your Pass

  1. A registration account is required to purchase Semi-Annual, 20-Visit and Single-Visit Passes. If you haven't already done so, please create your registration account and sign your waiver on
  2. Staff will assist you in the purchase of your pass. Call us at (415) 383-1370 if you have any questions (passes are not available for purchase online).

PLEASE NOTE: Individuals under the age of 18 must have a parent/legal guardian create a registration account with participating children added as family members. Individuals without registration accounts/signed waivers will not be granted access to the facility. Create your account at To verify account status, or if you need help creating a registration account, call us at (415) 383-1370.

More Information

  • An Aquatics & Fitness Pass will be REQUIRED to access our Group Fitness Classes, Lap Swimming, Water Walking and usage of the Gym facilities. 
  • *Semi-Annual Passes, 20-Visit Passes & Single-Visit Passes DO NOT include Premium Group Fitness Classes or Personal Training. (see group fitness class schedule (PDF) for more information).
  • Semi-Annual Passes may be paid for in full, or with scheduled monthly payments.
  • Semi-Annual Passes purchase price will be prorated if purchased after Jan. 2nd, 2022.
  • 20-Visit Passes must be paid in full before use.
  • 20-Visit and Single-Visit Passes constitute one continuous visit to the Aquatics & Fitness Center. Pass holders that leave the premises and return later in the same day must re-scan their 20-Visit Pass or buy another Single-Visit Pass to enter.
  • If a Single-Visit Pass is purchased and the desired classes or facilities are at full capacity, a Free Visit Coupon will be issued for the missed class or visit. The Free Visit Coupon is valid for 30 days from the date of issue and may only be used by the individual it is issued to.
  • There is a $25 pass cancellation fee.
  • Passes may not be purchased online and currently may only be purchased over the phone or in person once you have created your registration account and signed your waiver on
  • Passes may not be shared. Failure to comply with this policy may result in your pass being revoked.
  • Each person will have their own pass card and must scan in when using the facility.
  • Facility use subject to capacity limits and scheduling.
  • Advanced reservations not required, excluding Premium Group Fitness classes.
  • All 2022 Aquatics & Fitness Passes (Semi-Annual and 20-Visit) expire 06/30/2022.

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