Public Art

The Arts Commission’s ongoing goal is to provide encouragement of exceptional arts activities, events and programs that allow the arts and arts-related cultural environment to be enjoyed by all citizens of Mill Valley; one way to achieve this goal is by creating a public arts program including the temporary and permanent installation of art works on public and private property.  Creation of a Public Art Program (PAP) has been identified as a strongly held desire by community members and the local arts community. 

Mill Valley Public Art
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Public Art Program Art in Public Places
City of Mill Valley Public Art Policy

The strength of this commitment has been evidenced by increased arts advocacy in recent years including:

  • During the City's General Plan process, and by the goals and objectives adopted within the City's MV2040, specifically the Community Vitality and Arts and Culture Sections;
  • Council's approval of the Arts Commission’s Strategic Plan and Priority Projects for FY 14-16 which included creation of a new Public Art Program as a goal.
  • City Council’s expansion of new Arts Commission duties and responsibilities related to the administration of a Public Arts Program within the City's Municipal Code; and
  • City Council’s approval of a Public Art Policy governing the installation of the temporary and permanent outdoor public art on City property in Mill Valley.

In June 2016, City Council approved a Public Art Policy including guidelines for the creation and administration of the City's public art program; protocols for public art-related decision-making; funding strategies; outline of guidelines for site and artist selection; acquisition, removal, and maintenance of public art; and related educational opportunities.

As part of the City Budget FY 16/18, the Recreation Department received initial funding that will allow the Arts Commission to develop a pilot program, Art in Public Places”, welcoming the temporary installation of a few pieces of public art in Mill Valley.   It is the goal of the City to develop art projects of the highest caliber that meet the diverse needs of the residents of City of Mill Valley.  The Arts Commission will be working with the Parks and Recreation Commission and the greater community in consideration of appropriate public locations for installation of outdoor artworks and will be a passionate advocate for the community in the development of a philanthropic program to support donations and gifts of public artworks.  Arts Commission deliberations on proposed locations, projects and donations will be subject to a transparent, open public discussion and consideration at upcoming Arts Commission meetings as is the City's governing practice.