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After School classes in Mill Valley date back to the early 1970's when state and county budget cuts discontinued many of the elective programs originally provided to students during the school day. 

The Recreation Department’s After School Enrichment Program was developed over 20 years ago to establish programming for kindergarten through fifth grade students.  As a successful outcome of the 1995 partnership between the City of Mill Valley, the Mill Valley School District, parents and the Recreation Department, the Mill Valley's Enrichment Program continues to provide a well-rounded recreational and educational After School program for elementary and middle school students. See our full list of Enrichment Courses here.

Courses are open to all public, private and home school students.  Specialty Enrichment classes are offered on five school campus sites and at the Mill Valley Community Center for students K-5th grade.

The goals of the Enrichment Program are to develop, implement and maintain a well-rounded arts, educational and recreational After School Program that accommodates the needs and desires of the students, parents and families of the Mill Valley School District.  This includes developing program brochures for each individual school, working with the schools to acquire appropriate space, meeting with the individual school PTA groups, hiring instructors and supervising the programs on a self-sustaining basis.

This program is intended to provide extended care and a myriad of engaging activities at the Center after school hours for busy working families.


Recreation Department 415-383-1370

Yukie Sano, Enrichment Coordinator

Molly Given, Program Supervisor