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ArtBox is here!

In June 2016 the Mill Valley City Council adopted the Mill Valley Arts Commission’s Public Art Program – Arts in Public Places proposing five elements; one of which is ArtBox.

The Arts Commission held a Call for ArtBox Designs in spring 2019, selected designs were then transferred to vinyl wraps with anti-graffiti coating and installed on local traffic signal control boxes the last week of August 2019.

For an interactive map so you can explore these striking art pieces and to learn more about this incredible program and the artists, please click here


The City’s Art in Public Places program envisions the placement of art into the natural environment and public realm of the city, to contribute to the city’s cultural heritage, artistic vibrancy and reputation as a destination for arts and culture tourism.

Art in Public Places brings the power and delight of art into our community through the transformation of ordinary objects, celebrating designs by local artists and enhancing Mill Valley’s small town character.

The idea is to transform ordinary objects – the utility box, the park bench, the mailbox, the ping pong table, etc. - by introducing art into the community’s everyday experiences of the city, our natural environment and enhance one’s enjoyment of daily life.