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SLP 214 Cleaned Up and Ready for Use

Winter storms take a toll on our Steps, Lanes and Paths. The water that rushes down the staircases washes away the gravel leaving a battered path that can be dangerous to walk up and down. Thank goodness we have our group of volunteers, Friends of the SLPs. Every month on the second Saturday they work tirelessly to repair our well used trails and make them safer and more accessible.

On Saturday February 9th the team was at it again, this time on SLP 214 which connects West Blithedale with Eldridge. This staircase had over 80 stairs that had been significantly eroded making walking the stairs difficult. Additionally, there was quite a bit of debris that had taken over the pathway.

With the help of the Department of Public Works, which supports the effort by dropping off gravel and tools for the team, the group of 15 volunteers were able to remove all of the debris and fill in and tamp down the stairs. Thank you team!

Interested in participating? We can use your help, please click here to learn about the City's volunteer opportunities