Community Gardens

The Garden Mission Statement:
The Mill Valley Community Gardens are to provide space for Mill Valley citizens to garden together - to create a shared vision, to work collaboratively, and to cultivate a place for individuals, families and friends to learn about and to experience the rewards of gardening.

Community Center - Community Garden

Community Garden

When you think of leisure activities, often times you think of sports fields or playgrounds with hundreds of kids and families using them on a daily basis. At the City of Mill Valley Community Center, we offer another opportunity for activity and engagement with the natural world: The Community Garden. Even though our garden has only 35 registered individuals assigned to the plots, it reaches many more people.

Many families share in the gardening of the plot, or the garden is shared between 2 families. At harvest time, many gardeners share their harvest unselfishly throughout the community, contributing to programs such as Meals of Marin.

The Community Garden provides a quiet, passive form of recreation. It’s a place for people to gather, share with their neighbors, help one another, and to advise and assist in a variety of ways that reach beyond the activity of gardening. The Garden is a friendly and open community with a passionate group of members that continues to widen and expand as time passes.

Bayside Community Garden

The new Bayside Community Garden is scheduled to open in Spring 2017. Check back here for details.


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