Pool Schedule

Pool Schedules

Pool Closes Every Tuesday & Thursday

For Maintenance 12PM-1:30PM

PLEASE NOTE:  The first and last 5 minutes of any scheduled activity are transition times; lane lines and equipment will be set-up and cleaned up. 

Pool Schedule Amendment

In an effort to continually improve our Aquatics staff’s emergency preparedness and overall level of customer service, after a good deal of thought and discussion, the decision has been made to begin closing the pool & spa at 4:00pm on the last Friday of each month in order to offer additional staff training. The Fitness Floor and locker rooms will remain open regular hours until 6:30pm. Late Friday afternoons were chosen due to a history of very light public attendance as well as the scheduling opportunity that is most conducive for a majority of the Aquatics staff to attend.  We as a department are proud of our staff’s strong history of emergency response and want to continue to offer the safest aquatic experience possible. 

For alerts on unscheduled pool and spa closures please visit our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter @millvalley rec

Please contact us with any additional questions by calling 415-383-1370